How much do you love your Coffee?

September 29, 2021 - 141 views

What is a rich dark liquid that flows across the world and greases the wheels of our economies and it is known as one of the most traded commodities?  It's not oil, but coffee. Yes,  more than two billion cups of coffee are consumed daily with several individuals worldwide unable to function without it.  As traditionally tea-drinking countries like Mauritius are seduced by coffee’s charms, it is clear why it is taking pole position as the world’s favorite drink.

Coffee’s story starts in the highlands of Ethiopia, the natural homeland of the delicate Coffea arabica plant. Although they are called “coffee beans”, the plant is not a legume, and the fruits of the coffee tree look more like cherries when they are first picked. The seeds inside are extracted and dried before the process of roasting turns them into the hard, nutty nodules we feed into our grinders.

The Oromo people from this region are thought to have been the first to have noticed the stimulating effects of these “beans”, and coffee still remains an important element of their traditional cuisine. Exactly how and when it spread beyond Ethiopia is still the subject of many legends, but the available historic records suggest that the Sufis of Yemen were the first truly devoted drinkers outside Africa in the Middle Ages – where it was intimately connected with their mystic rituals. 

Coffee houses soon spread across the Middle East and the Ottoman Empire, where they caught the attention of Western traders, who took the beguiling drink back to their home countries in the 17th Century. Today, history is not only being repeated but continued right here in the beautiful island of Mauritius as<strong> Siebel Enterprises </strong>have dedicated themselves to bringing one of the best Coffee brand in Europe, <strong>Caffe Vergnano 1882, Italy</strong> right here to the Island and we are excited to announce that they are also the official sponsors of the <strong>Best Cafe 2021 </strong>category at the <strong>Mauritius Restaurant Awards 2021</strong>. 
<strong>Cafe LUX*
The Lemon Tree Café
Mabuti Mauritius
Artisan coffee
Delibake café and bakery

As well as being the <strong>Official Coffee Sponsor </strong>of the <strong>Mauritius Restaurant Awards.</strong>  As the  Distributor for Coffee Beans from Caffe Vergnano 1882, Italy - for Mauritius.  <strong>Siebel Enterprises</strong> have also taken a stand at the <strong>Hungrynation Food Festival 2021.</strong> <em>You can find them at the Food Dome Marquee to taste this amazing coffee on the 31st of October 2021.</em><strong> 

<strong>Attendees to the Hungrynation Food Festival 2021 can attend in the following timeslots;</strong>
<strong>Slot 1:</strong>
11 am - 13.00 <strong> Mauritius Restaurant Awards </strong> 
- Location:  Awards Hall  - Capacity -<strong> 100 attendees</strong>
<strong>Hungrynation Food Festival </strong> - Location:  Food Dome Marquee  -  Capacity - 100 attendees

<strong>Slot 2: </strong>
13.00 - 15.00    
<strong>Hungrynation Food Festival</strong>     -Location:  Food Dome Marquee   -  Capacity  - 100 attendees

<strong>Slot 3:</strong>
15.00 - 17.00  
<strong>Hungrynation Food Festival  </strong>  -Location:  Food Dome Marquee   -  Capacity  - 100 attendees

<strong>Slot 4: </strong>
17.00 - 19.00   
<strong>Hungrynation Food Festiva</strong>l    -Location:  Food Dome Marquee   -  Capacity  - 100 attendees

<strong>Slot 5:</strong>
19.00 - 21.30  
<strong>Hungrynation Food Festival </strong>   -Location:  Food Dome Marquee   -  Capacity  - 100 attendees

<strong>Slot 6:</strong>
21.00- 23.00  
<strong>Hungrynation Food Festival  </strong>  -Location:  Food Dome Marquee   -  Capacity  - 100 attendees
To book your slot. E-mail: </strong>


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